Shipping policy

We ship to :

- The Netherlands
- Belgium
- Germany
- France
- Spain
- Italy
- The rest of Europe

It depends on where you live,

- The Netherlands : 1-2 working days
- Belgium : 2-3 working days
- Germany : 2-3 working days
- France : 3-5 working days
- Spain : 3-7 working days
- Italy : 3-7 working days

- Rest of Europe : 3- 7 working days.

All of our stock is located at our warehousse in The Netherlands, so all orders will be sent from here.

Returns and exchanges

You can contact us and tell us that you want a refund.
We will give you our return adress and when te package arrive in good shape, you'll get a full refund!


All our products have a 2 years warranty.

Products From B8TA are designed and created for high quality performance and reliability. If you have any problems while using your product, Consult the user manual first. You can also contact our support team via the guarantee counts from the day the product has been sold.