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Pocket Screwdriver Set - Vela KIT

Pocket Screwdriver Set - Vela KIT

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Patented high performance tool kit which includes the most essential parts for repairing smartphones, tablets and PC’s. Suitable for iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro but also gaming consoles like PlayStation or X-box and all kind of other (small) electronic devices at home like remote control etc.
Magnetic absorbing but holder in order to avoid falling parts. Anti-slip Mini aluminum screwdriver handle for single hand operation. 20 pieces 4*28mm screwdriver bits; Torx t2/t3/t4/t5//t6/t7/t8, Philips + 1.5/ +2.0/ +2.5/ +3.0, Slotted – 1.5/ -2.0/ -2.5/ -3.0, Y 0.8 and Y2.5, Pentable(star) 0.8 and 1.2 and as last Philips Standoff +1.5.

Size 140 x 71 x 16 mm

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